You’re Limiting Your Hiring Pool And You Don’t Even Know It!!

In my last article, I highlighted that one of the biggest signs your Sales Onboarding Program is broken is that you see a string of unsuccessful new hires. Now the thoughtful, intelligent person (Yes, that’s you) will say to themselves “Ira, I get it but let’s be real – there are a number of reasons that this can happen and onboarding isn’t the highest on the list.” The same thoughtful, intelligent person (Yes, that’s you again) may even say that the most likely reason for this is related to hiring the right people. NOW WE’RE COOKING! At face value, most would likely agree. And for a long time, I would have agreed with you.

Your Ability To Build An Effective Funnel OfQualified Candidates Is Essential To Scaling Your Sales Org

Here the thing – There is a strong tie between building that funnel and onboarding your new hires effectively. When you lack an effective Sales Onboarding Program, you drastically narrow your available talent pool. Let me explain. If you know that you need to hire extremely motivated self-starters, you would likely pass on an interviewee that was sitting on the bubble because of the perception that it will require more time and attention that you can provide. I would do the same thing.

But what if you could expand your pool of potential talent? What if that interviewee that you thought would require more time than you could give was no longer on the bubble, but rather fit well within your requirements for a successful hire? How would that impact your business? (More on that in a future post)

An effective Onboarding Program expands your qualified talent pool. When your reps get a strong foundation at the beginning of their tenure, they are more competent, more confident, and able to ask better questions (Meaning they learn more effectively). This means that you can consider a broader base of talent while also being able to differentiate your company from the competition in the hiring process.

We have all seen this line posted many times on LinkedIn:

CFO: What happens if we train them and they leave? CEO: What happens if we don’t and they stay?

The cost to an organization to too high to ignore. Train your people, provide them with the tools and foundation to succeed. You may just find that the hiring process becomes much less painful that it used to be.


Ira is the Owner of RAMPT Consulting, where he helps funded companies scale their business by building custom, on-demand onboarding programs that are made to scale.